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Blood In Blood Out 1993

Favorite movie.
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"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."
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God I been afflicted with it
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At the DMV

Love this movie…😁
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despite all of the pain
and all of the suffering
I feel like I’ve grown.
I feel as though I’m
stronger than I used
to be. And I try to hold
on to that feeling; that
I’ve been through hell
and back again at least
for a reason."
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Fábio Magalhães

Fábio Magalhães works with self-reference painting. Metaphorically connecting images of his own body, feelings and banal situations, he aims at pointing out conditions inconceivable to be portrayed but through artifices and distortions of reality. As for this, his art pieces are the result of a modus operandi that makes part of the photographic universe and results in a kind of parallel reality, materialized in the universe of painting. In which, he creates contours of a disturbing reality.

i wouldnt trust that this guy is NOT out killing people for his paintings but damn keep em comin

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